We're live! In this episode we finally get to meet our main character I.V. as he finishes up his brand new A.I recorder L.A.D.Y. and gets it online.

Hope you like pranks and have a HUGE humor cause in this episode I.V gives the Area 4  newbie, Steven Killian, a first day tour of the lab.

Grab your wire connectors and your keys, we're going to the basement... that is I.V and his intern arch-rival Sabrina are. Will I.V be able to face his fears with the one person whose face he can't stand?!

In a more dramatic change of pace IV contemplates his mother's disappearance and his role at Area 4. Time to get your waffles honeyed up because Uncle Ronny's here to talk some sense into him.

Take a deep breath and get your circuits prepped for plugging, it's time I.V found some info on his mom! Only one and a half people could possibly know something, enter Janie from I.T. and her computer program Pym.

Good things come to those who do good things, and I.V has a good thing coming! It's time for promotions in this "IV Interlude"